10 Unusual Quit Smoking Tips

Tired of the same old “tried and tested” routine to quit smoking, which is getting you nowhere on the road to recovery?

Navigating up to 72 hours to reach withdrawal is not easy. Nicotine undercuts success and costs lives. Administering a drug to an addict causes you to become chemically dependent on addictive substances. Lapse almost always leads to relapse.

You need to walk away from cheating when quitting and never stop the process. Don’t undo the design of brain circuitry where the job is to make activating events difficult to cope with in the short term. The brain wants a whole lot more.

But unfortunately smoking has rewired your brain to grow many nicotinic receptors in at least 11 regions. Nicotine’s arrival is signaled by alertness and euphoria. This is a high that only an addict can describe.

#1 Change Your Perception

The first step to treating true addiction is the use of a new perspective when it comes to smoking. Seeing a regular intake of cigarettes as just some habit that you can “give up any time” (a common refrain for smokers) is not going to work.

Real drug addiction can only be countered when you realize that just one more smoke attitude has led to smoking thousands.

Adult smokers tend to smoke themselves to death, losing 13-14 years of life. Add days to your life and not smoking and watch your health recover. The most important rule you have to make is to motivate yourself.

#2 Victory Comes in Small Shapes

Rather than quitting permanently, the impossible task should take a backseat. Remember that every day you go without cigarettes is a victory.

Adopt a realistic approach that celebrates freedom and challenges you to stay on your toes all the time. Success should not be seen in terms of quitting forever.

Emotional recovery is another important factor that you need to get through. Be prepared to go through all the stages of denial, anger, bargaining and depression before you reach acceptance.

This is an emotional trip you have to take to reach your health promoting destination.

#3 Don’t Leave Out Nutrition

Stimulant nicotine and tobacco increase the release of fats and sugars into your blood stream. This creates a feeling of satiation and prevents wild blood sugar swing symptoms.

Needless symptoms to withdrawal can be a pain. Try not to go without breakfast or lunch. Eat food more frequently.

Another trick is to stock up on fruit juice which takes up to 72 hours and removes alkaloid nicotine from the blood stream. This helps in stabilization of blood sugars.

#4 Don’t Use Mental Crutches

Don’t rely on someone else or an external factor to get you through the process. If you feel the need to lean on your buddy, be sure that this does not mean an absence of a strong will on your part.

Use caution when it comes to alcohol. Don’t quit and then use a substance for nicotine. After all, you don’t want to get addicted to yet another substance! Endless cycles of wants can force you back into smoking. Guard against this.

#5 Coping Techniques Can Work….If You Condition Your Mind

Unlike those who work on their actions, you need to work on your will power. Smoking has a strong mental link. Remove the crutches and you will benefit considerably from this.

Don’t hide from the triggers. Instead, confront and eliminate each of these.

# 6 Count Your Cravings

One technique is to count the time you have a craving. At this time, focus on clearing your brain of needlessly urges and focus on the favorite moments or people in your life to motivate yourself.

#7 Time Loses Meaning, You Need to Count Every Minute

Studies have shown nicotine cessation can lead to time distortion. Though not triggered consciously, to a quitter, minutes can feel much longer.

Nicotine doubles the rate through which depletion of caffeine takes place by the liver.

So, study nicotine’s interaction with time and caffeine so that you are aware of its effects and know how to make each moment count in your battle for combating addiction.

#8 Ditch the Pack

One of the most unusual yet commonsensical factors is the ditching of the pack and all your smoking stuff, from the cigarettes to the accessories and smoking gear.

#9 Vying for a Prize

Ever tried quitting smoking on a dare? Because this is what works really well. Attach a monetary value to the prize and you will be able to quit smoking in next to no time.

#10 Work on the Urge

Resist the urge to splurge on cigarettes and stave off cravings. This can really work well if you attach an economic value to smoking and be cost conscious about this lethal lifestyle, both in terms of money and your health.

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