How to Deal With Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking?

Cigarette smoking is bad for heart and gaining excessive weight by quitting smoking is worse than that. But since quitting is essential for good heart and lungs, you must know how to deal with weight gain after quitting smoking. French and British researchers have found that people may gain a weight of 10 lbs after quitting smoking. Interestingly, the weight gain is gradual; 2.5 lbs after one month of quitting, 5 lbs after 3 months, 6.36 lbs after 3 months, 9.3 lbs after 6 months and 10.3 lbs after a year.

The following are the ways of dealing with weight gain after quitting smoking.

  1. Be Choosy of What you Eat

Your cravings for eating will be at bay if you take balanced diet and your weight will be in check even after quitting smoking. Don’t add extra salt or sugar to your diet. Instead of two or three large meals a day, go in for five or six small meals. Don’t take further when you feel full. Take healthy drinks like herbal teas and home-made healthy smoothies. Drink more water and cut your sugary drinks.

  1. Snack Smartly

If you can’t avoid the snacks fully, you can nibble low-calorie snacks, such as celery sticks, sugar-free licorice, pretzel sticks sugar-free gums or candies and cinnamon sticks.. You can make for yourself, a kit of low-calorie and sugar-free licorice sticks.

  1. Don’t Yield to your Hunger Immediately

Question your thought when it arises to find, if it is indeed the need of your stomach. You can satiate your hunger pangs by a tall glass of water or even by a cup of hot tea. Bring that feeling of satiation after you have had them.

  1. Distract Yourself

When the monster of conceived hunger attacks you, distract your mind by busying yourself with sundry personal jobs or engagements like cleaning your car, cross word solving, cleaning your drawer, purse or wallet. The best distraction will be keeping engaged in a social work; doing something good to others, not related to you. Reading books, surfing on the internet are also the ways of distracting yourself. Even an evening walk will work wonder for you.

  1. Stay Active

When you make a plan for exercise, you will be required to refer to articles and books related to healthy and nutritious eating. You will then start eating well, thus cutting down your weight. If you activate yourself with exercise, you burn the extra calories and stoke your metabolism. Moreover, it tamps down your conceived appetite and boosts your mood, reduces anxiety, stress and depression that are usually followed by quitting smoking. You will have no urge for a cigarette.

  1. Partner Up

Asking your mate for joining when you start eating, works better, because sharing and mutual communication can be done in the most perfect manner with your mate.

  1. Ask for Help

Join a healthy-eating support group and you can ask for the recommendations of doctor. If advised by doctor, you may go in for medications doe curbing your appetite and craving to eat more

  1. Stay Determined

If you have the determination of quitting smoking, you definitely have the determination of do all those that are required for arresting your weight gain after quitting smoking. You have to keep it up.

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