Beginners’ Guide to Choosing Your First Vaping Kit

Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling the heated release of vapours from a battery-operated tank that contains e-liquids.

E-liquids are a mixture of various components like glycerine, water, nicotine, propylene glycol and other required flavours that are heated at ideal temperatures so as to stimulate release of vapours for inhalation.

Vaping, in the present age is recognized as one of the most sensible and cost-effective alternatives to smoking and a smart means to begin efforts towards smoking cessation.

Though the history of vaping dates back to 1960’s with Herbert A. Gilbert’s model of smokeless tobacco and flavoured air went without winning commercial recognition.

The real breakthrough came through in the 200’s when Hon Link, a Chinese medical researcher and pharmacist introduced the first ever e-cigarette.

As a beginner to vaping, one is mystified with the taboos shrouding the air on vaping and also confused with varying vaping products found in the market.

In order to take a healthy departure from smoking and to invest wisely, in vaping equipment, one has to educate himself on the essentials before buying the first vaping kit.

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Understanding your smoking habit and pattern

Before switching to vaping, the beginner must understand his need and pattern of smoking, based on which he can arrive at the requirements of his very first vaping kit. The smoker must gather information on:

  • Is there an addiction towards nicotine?
  • Whether vaping is desired indoors or outdoors?
  • What is the budget that can be allocated for the vaping kit?
  • Whether a partner or a soul mate will share the vaping kit?

These are questions that will reflect the need or craving for inhaling vapours and will aid in choosing the desired vaping kit.

The Battery that powers the Atomizer

Battery capacity, size and power are important as in any other electronic device. The battery of the vaping device must:

  • Match the requirements of the mod or the tank. Any mismatch will result in high or low output of vapours that will diminish satisfaction.
  • Batteries may non-replaceable batteries or replaceable. Size of battery must fit the mod.
  • A basic knowledge of battery ratings, brands of best batteries will serve as a guide to choose the ideal battery.
  • Size, appearance and safety features like protection from excessive voltage and battery indicators are very important in the charger. A smart charger must be capable of providing battery recharge in multiple charging modes.

The Atomizer

The atomizer is the heart of the beginner’s vaping kit. It is that part of the vaping device where the e-liquid is vaporized due to heat.

The heated e-liquid drips on to the atomizer heads, where it is absorbed by soft wicks and the coils will heat up the droplets, converting them to inhalable vapours.

The following points must be borne in mind while evaluating the atomizer:

  • The atomizer must possess good heat resistant capacity
  • Whether the atomizer uses the direct drip method or is it equipped with clearomizer or cartomizer that can simplify the vaping process
  • There are various types of atomizers like disposable, replaceable and rebuildable atomizers. Choosing the right type of atomizer is essential.
  • Different atomizers have different capacities to regulate the volume of liquid that is burnt. Beginners need to figure out their consumption in a way that will ease withdrawal from smoking.


The Vaping tank and mod

Vaping tanks come in a variety of shapes like a tub,  box or a pen. Choosing the right mod is essential to extract maximum performance from the vaping gear.

  • Stainless steel tanks look elegant and are durable too.
  • The capacity of vape juice that will be held in the tank is another deciding factor. The tank has to hold enough liquid to last your vaping needs without constant refilling.
  • Glass tubes are ideal since users can see the liquid content inside.
  • There are various tanks like standard tanks and sub-ohm tanks that vary according to usage, capacity and budget. Some tanks also contain mini tanks that can be added.

E-Juice to fill the vape pen

The quality of e-juice that will be used by the vaping gear is of paramount importance since any mistake will have telling effects on health. Beginners must ensure that:

  • Nicotine proportion is regulated. Even zero nicotine e-juices are available.
  • The flavours used do not result in allergy, dizziness or any skin problem, as with any artificially created product.
  • The e-juices are manufactured in a sterile environment and are marketed by branded suppliers.

Understanding safety provisions: Clearomizers and cartomizers

For the beginners, it is always wise to go in for vaping devices with integrated internal batteries. The coils must have good resistance levels.

Clearomizers are ideal for those who are yet to master their vaping devices.

Unlike atomizers that practice the direct drip method, using a vaping starter kit that comprises of a clearomizer or a cartomizer has the following uses:

  • Where it is impossible to see the quantity of liquid in the direct drip method, it possible to overuse the vaping pen, even after the e-liquid has exhausted, causing damage to the device. With a clearomizer, the beginner can see the liquid remaining in the tank.
  • It is possible for beginners to control the amount of e-liquid consumed by manipulating the quantity of wick that is fed into the atomizer.
  • Not using clearomizer will make cleaning the vaping pens a messy process, with difficulty in cleaning out the sticky residues.
  • Cartomizers were used before clearomizers gained recognition in market and are similar to them, the main difference being the difficulty to refill the cartomizer cartridges. The artificial filler called poly-fill that is used in cartomizers make it impossible for a refill.

Beginners must be careful enough to choose vaping devices with a cartomizer or a clearomizer, at least till they get trained in vaping. Till then, they need to forego direct dripping method.

The enthusiastic beginner must evaluate the vaping kit on all of the above parameters and choose the one that meets the blend of utility, quality and cost.

Vaping carries with it its own set of health risks. However when compared to traditional tobacco products, this does turn out to be a much healthier alternative.

Vaping is especially worth a try for smokers who find it very difficult to quit cold turkey. This is usually because of the nicotine content found in cigarettes that can cause intense cravings upon quitting.

Smokers experience intense withdrawal symptoms upon quitting which forces many users to restart smoking after a short period of abstinance.

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By vaping, users can gradually reduce the nicotine content found in the e-cigarette and finally stop smoking for good.



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