How to Deal with Anxiety When You Quit Smoking

The decision to stay away from smoking is a decision towards living a healthier and clean lifestyle.

However anxiety ranks top among the withdrawal symptoms that smokers are forced to encounter, as they try to wean themselves out of their indulgence in cigarettes.

Nicotine addiction is more powerful than it is commonly understood to be. Day by day, it increases physical dependence and makes smoking cessation a challenge.

And when that pristine moment is chosen for pulling the plug and stop smoking, a series of anxiety attacks are triggered in the body for a lot of users.

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¬†Here’s how one can surmount anxiety issues connected with abstinence from smoking.

#1 Reach out for healthy bites the moment you feel jittery

Anything that is healthy, tasty and easily available like fruits, berries, salads, taste enhancers must be stocked in good quantity. Smokers must carry them convenient portions, even on-the-go so that whenever they feel anxious about their smoking cessation, the craving can be resisted.

#2 Practise meditation and calming techniques

It’s all about calming down mind, soul and body, not necessarily in that order. It is highly recommended to devote an hour at daybreak for meditation that can bring about inner peace. It allows the nerves system of the body to relax and mind is at peace, ready to ward off any pangs of anxiety caused due to distortion of thoughts.

#3 Understand and debunk the myths associated with smoking

The number one myth to be busted is that smoking functions as a mood elevator, whereas the truth is far from this. As a result of this myth, smokers tend to think that they are left all alone to tackle worries and a falling mood. This in turn aggravates anxiety. Similarly, most withdrawal symptoms are exaggerated and can be the prime reasons to cause anxiety.

#4 E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Replacement Techniques can help ease anxiety

Nervousness symptoms can be combated by choosing to go in for e-cigarettes, which allow users to inhale heated vapours that are less deadlier than nicotine, yet provide the satisfaction of smoking. Similarly various products like nicotine patches, gums and sprays are used in Nicotine Replacement Therapy to cope with anxiety symptoms.

#5 Online apps to manage stress better

When struck with stress and anxiety, enter the online world that invites people to lead a smoke-free life, by offering a range of guided sessions, virtual therapies and counselling, which allow them to calm their nerves and relax.  There are a number of online stress management websites that can help in coping with anxiety.

#6 Spare time to do what you enjoy doing

Nothing defeats anxiety better than constructive and productive diversion, whereby the tired mind is steered onto a level of comfort, before it succumbs to anxiety. Music, party, skiing, mountaineering; anything that you enjoy doing the most can keep away anxiety associated with smoking cessation.

#7 Keep yourself busy

This is a refinement of the aforesaid point. By keeping yourself too busy to worry, and by thinking about things that can be solved in the short-run, anxiety can be conquered. It is better to try out a combination of the above techniques instead of relying solely on anti-depression medicine.

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