Homeopathic tips to Help Smokers Kick the Butt

There are many risks associated with tobacco smoke, not only for the active smoker, but also for the passive.

There are no doubts about the risks associated with this harmful habit. The real question comes when you are looking for solutions that promote smoking cessation.

The nature of tobacco craving, the factors associated with it and the characteristics and therapy tailored to these individual characteristics vary for each person.

Homeopathy is perfect for meeting the varied requirements of those who want to quit smoking.

Homeopathy tips can prove really beneficial for smokers to kick the butt. Here are the homeopathic remedies for coping with addiction and bidding it farewell.

Aconitum napellus

This is a wonderful homeopathic remedy used for curbing everything that smoking withdrawal is associated with.

This includes dreams, nightmares, headaches, red eyes, vertigo, dry throat and mouth, intense thirst, vomiting, cough, tickle in the throat and chest pain.

Symptoms worsen at night and midnight and this is why such homeopathic remedies can help considerably.

Arsenicum album

This is a medication in homeopathy which is perfect for a former active smoker.

Tackle emotions like anxiety, fear and conditions like chronic fatigue and restlessness with ease.

From unquenchable thirst, to burning eyes, respiratory catarrh and lung ache, every aspect of withdrawal and addiction cessation is taken care of using this remedy.


This is one of the best tobacco craving remedies. It promotes a nauseous response to smoking.

This remedy can overcome fear of motion. From headaches and memory loss to catarrhal asthma, symptoms worsen after motion and improve following sleep.


This is necessary for tackling a throbbing, eye based headache, lack of sleep, tachycardia or heart beat irregularities such as weak bradycardia and a smoker’s cough.

Daphne indica

This is a frequently used remedy for tobacco craving. Symptoms include insomnia, headache, pain in the extremities, twitching, a sensation of burning in the stomach and fetid breath. All of these can be combated through useful home remedies for tobacco craving such as Daphne.


This links smoking with nausea and combats the same. Smoking cessation is constantly thwarted by nausea which is relieved by smoking. In this case, Eugenia can be increasingly effective.


This is a remedy used for anxiety caused due to tobacco craving and is linked to excitability and marked hypersensitivity.

Other symptoms are associated with mood swings, headaches, depression, sour eructations and sourness in the mouth.

Dry cough, cramping pains in the neck and back or insomnia can be combated through this homeopathic remedy.

Kali Phos

This should be considered for treatment of anxiety associated with tobacco withdrawal. Signs and symptoms include prostration, mental weakness, irritability, dyspnoea, tinnitus and dry mouth.

This homeopathic remedy can serve as a cure.

Lobelia inflata

One of the benefits of opting for Lobelia is that even if there is a craving for tobacco, despite sufferers not being able to withstand its smell, and there being marked dyspnoea linked to constriction, this homeopathic remedy acts on the lungs.

Emphysema or asthma in association with ringing coughs may lead to further complications. Respiratory symptoms worsen due to exertion, smoke, and cold.

Nux Vomica

The basic mental symptom pertaining to tobacco craving that Nux Vomica cures is irritability.

Nux Vomica also helps in detoxification of the toxic material taken from tobacco smoke. Symptoms which can be warded off include nausea, food craving, vertigo and headache.

Mental exertion can also be staved off, using this homeopathic remedy.


This is indicated for nicotinism, which is applied to tobacco craving. In its mother tincture form, plantago produces a tobacco aversion.

Existence of depression, sleeplessness, GI disturbances and nocturnal enuresis can be dealt with using this homeopathic remedy too.


Symptoms for Staphysagria include sleeplessness, hypersensitivity, irritability and desire for stimulants. The latter includes tobacco.

Emotional disturbance and anxiety which accompanies the withdrawal from cigarettes can also be combated using this homeopathic remedy.


This helps in eliminating toxins carried by tobacco smoke. This will also help in warding off tobacco and nicotine cravings.

Symptoms that tabacum combats includes sick headaches, indigestion, vertigo, palpitations, hypertension, confusion and lack of focus.

A variation of this homeopathic remedy is tabacum fumar which is low in potency as an emergency measure for acute cravings.


This remedy is made from the small Orange spider. This is perfect for treating a universe of symptoms such as hyperaesthsia, nervousness.

Vertigo and headache accompanied by nausea or vomiting are also staved off by theridion.

Nicotine 6X

This is considered a strong homeopathic antidote of nicotine. This remedy overcomes the cravings for addictive substances at the time of quitting.

Avena Sativa

This remedy has been a great anti smoking drug in Ayurveda. The mother tincture of this homeopathic remedy restores vitality especially when one tries to quit smoking.

Arnica Montana

This remedy is made from wild tobacco and also known as mountain tobacco. It reduces the extreme desire for smoking and its usage helps smokers to quit with ease.

Scleranthus Biflorus

This is a Bach flower remedy which is best for those who have quit smoking for a time period. This remedy is suited for those not comfortable with smoking who are looking for a positive outcome, when it comes to quitting smoking.

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