How to Reprogram Your Mind to Stop Smoking?

Smoking cessation only works if you reprogram your mind. There are two sides to every story and if you are a smoker, the chances are high that you are facing not only a physical addiction, but a psychological craving as well.

Physical nicotine addiction can be overcome but psychological addiction is a whole new mind game. This type of addiction exists in your involuntary or unconscious mind.

Remember that urge to smoke just one more cigarette? How about the constant craving for smoking that never seems to go away?

If you want to quit smoking for good, it involves reprogramming your brain to be fighting fit.

Mind Over Matter?

Unintended subconscious urges to smoke can lead you to an early grave. It is, therefore, imperative that you harness the power of the conscious and subconscious mind both.

While the logical and rational part of your conscious mind plays a role in quitting smoking, the subconscious mind controls the deepest urges and requires reprogramming for benefits.

The conscious mind may instruct you to act a certain way and the known mind can certainly create a response, if the inner mind works that way.

As the conscious mind is targeted by anxiety and stress following addiction, it becomes wired for failing the battle and losing the war against addiction. Bolster its resources by choosing to empower the subconscious mind.

The Subconscious: What Lies Beneath

The subconscious is like a tape recorder which only reproduces what has been put on it. Conscious urges find their completion only with the assistance of the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is like the top of an ice berg. It has the capacity to function seamlessly, like a computer. The same process is initiated when you become addicted to smoking.

When the attempt to engage in smoking cessation is made, the conscious mind spearheads the effort and messages are stored in the subconscious.

This is how the same old set of mental programs thwart your attempt to kick the smoking habit.

How To Reprogram the Mind

The subconscious can be reprogrammed by training and interpreting information in a way that resonates with the inner mind.

There are many ways to remove destructive messages and give yourself a fighting chance to combat smoking.

Here are the strategies you can use to reprogram your mind:

#1 Meditating

Among other advantages, meditation evokes a stillness in the inner mind.

The calming sensation of peace and overcoming the anxiety can help you to focus on positive thoughts. Slotting additional coping strategies and mental tricks to give up smoking is possible using this technique.

Meditation stills the conscious mind and makes it easy to influence the subconscious mind as well. It is the process of sitting quietly and resting the mind so that you remain centered on the goal and don’t wander off in many directions.

Using mantras, chants and peaceful quietude, you can induce the subconscious mind to reprogram itself and stop support for smoking.

#2 Healing Power of Affirmations

Affirmations can also be used to enable the inner mind to become convinced that smoking is a bad idea.

The subconscious mind already equates smoking with something that is satisfying and pleasure inducing, so you certainly have your task cut out for you.

Make sure that affirmations are used to highlight the advantages of not smoking. Affirmations need to be worded in a positive way and should always refer to the present and not the future.

This is because focusing on future outcomes does not capture the immediacy of the subconscious mind.

Use positive statements to cut down on the negativity. Reinforce your need for a healthy, and fit body.

Affirmations work when they are repeated in a way that lets you master your emotional state. This affirmation takes time to sink into the subconscious mind.

Try spending a few minutes in a day taking the time to repeat these powerful consistent and reinforcing messages that bolster your will power and self confidence to tackle the challenge of giving up on smoking.

#3 Visual Imagery

Visualizing positive outcomes can also have an amazing impact on your subconscious mind and reprogram your brain to succeed.

This inner mind responds well to images. Upbeat, empowering images coupled with a strong intention to quit smoking can work wonders for your self confidence and will power, besides reprogramming your mind to stop smoking.

#4 Relaxation

Another useful mind technique to control smoking mentally is to choose a source of relaxation such as a hobby for pleasure or relieving the tension of the body and mind and working for this goal, every time you feel the urge to smoke.

Some of the methods of relaxation include hypnosis, guided imagery and even studying your environment. Limit your negative emotions and experiences by controlling what your brain absorbs.

Limit the negativity you are exposed to and spend time with positive sources of comfort and encouragement at this difficult time.

#5 Reframing Alternatives

Reframing what you are doing can be a powerful method to create positive vibes and control the working of the inner mind, while battling addiction.

Gain health, energy and self control that comes with working on your own reality and not being guided by mass opinions or advertising.

Take slow deep breaths and let your body see smoking as a winning option so that your mind follows.

#6 Expect the Craving And Counter It

Another wonderful method to overcome your body’s urge for cigarettes is to tell yourself mentally that you can postpone or delay gratification.

Choose to tell yourself you can have a cigarette a little later on and keep repeating it. Cravings can become less frequent and annoying over time.

This can reduce the tension and lower stress levels besides enabling your mind to be positively reprogrammed to evade the lure of “just one more cigarette.”

Habits can turn into dangerous mind games. Smoking happens to be one of these. Paying money to slowly kill your health and chances of a happy life is mentally counterproductive.

Your subconscious mind needs to understand this. Reward yourself with positive mental strokes every time you refuse a smoke. Use the power of your mind to get positive health outcomes you can live with.

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