List of Effective Smoking Cessation Tools

Every smoker is well aware of the hazardous effect of smoking that may be even fatal. There are statutory warnings against smoking. No New Year Resolution or self-retrospection or determination could prevent them from smoking.

One single factor that works is “Addiction” that develops ancillary physical needs arising, without it. Below is a list of Smoking Cessation Tools that may aid you in getting rid of smoking and its hazardous consequences.

1. Electronic Cigarettes

These come in two categories; with or without nicotine content. The former saves a smoker from other harmful effects of cigarette; such as tar, carbon monoxide etc. The later gives the psychological feeling of smoke but no nicotine, thus getting relief from stress.

2. Nicotine Gum

It has small dose of nicotine and can be chewed, anywhere without creating the second hand smoke. It can be temporary. If you have just withdrawn from nicotine, this will give you a support for few weeks, so that the craving does not relapse while dealing with any stressful situation.

3.Nicotine Inhaler

They work in the same way as e-cigarettes but do not resemble them. It has a small dose of nicotine, each time, it is inhaled or puffed, You have to load a nicotine cartridge into the back of the inhaler.


4. Nicotine Patch

Nicotine Patch, when worn, takes your mind away from cigarette and can prevent you from being stressed, if you are under nicotine withdrawal, with abrupt disruption of smoking. The patches, applied to the skin have small quantity of nicotine in its center.

5. Nicotine Mouth Spray

It delivers nicotine subliminally or through gums and skin inside your mouth. The spray is flavored for reducing the bitter experience of the nicotine. Whenever you have craving for cigarette, you can have it prayed into your mouth.


6. Hypnosis

It involves calming down and stilling your mind and then going in for other psycho-spiritual techniques such as visualization, relaxation, meditation, auto-suggestion and creation of mental imagery , focusing on specific goals and outcomes. Under the guidance of a therapist, you will be transported to your sub-conscious mind related to nicotine addiction. You will then suggest your mind to cease nicotine and get relief from stress, without it.

7. Acupuncture

Acupuncture or acupressure is a device with tiny needles, piercing the first few layers of your skin, in specific areas. that are said to trigger changes in the body, encouraging healing.

8. Zyban/Chsntix

These are medications available in the States that reduce craving depression and stress associated with cigarette quitting. .Zban increases and regulates the dopamine and other brain chemicals. It reduces the frequency of cigarette cravings

9. Peer Support

Your closer friends, relatives or peers can provide real support for quitting nicotine. You can also get online support, providing you the required support. The online community and Peer support forums are always available.

10. Psychotherapy

You can go in for short term therapy with psychologists or counselors. You can learn coping skills so as to prevent any future craving for cigarette.
Cessation of smoking is purely a personal and private issue and depends to a great extent, on your will, determination and is an essential need for your own well-being. You can take help of any of the above tools according to your suitability

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