Productive Quit Smoking Motivation Tips

It takes a lot of perseverance, determination and commitment to get rid of the life-time addiction to cigarettes.

Even as health experts shout out the sinful banes of smoking, its deadly consequences on ones health cannot be ignored.

The following motivational tips will help improve confidence levels and will act as resilience-builders whenever there is a fall in determination due to heavy nicotine cravings.

Inhale life not fumes

Smoking has a telling effect on lungs as the sensitive tissues absorb the nicotine-coated fumes, every time you take a puff.

Smoking cigarettes is like smothering the efficiency of lungs with poisonous fumes. Lung cancer, cardio vascular diseases including heart attacks can cause loss of life.

Welcome healthy life by saying no to tobacco based products. Imagine the loss caused to your family, your dependents, your spouse and children, if something fatal occurs to you.

Similarly, have a list of good things you can secure for your family.

Mind controls the body, not nicotine

If tobacco can be addictive, so can positive thoughts. The human brain is much stronger and more powerful than it is construed to be. It is a reservoir of resilience.

Nicotine addiction cannot stand up to the human intelligence and rationality. Develop a positive mental make-up that can crack the whip down on nicotine addiction.

Repeat positive affirmations day and night, especially when nicotine cravings shoot to peak.

Your tongue and teeth hate that burnt taste; stop smoking to enhance oral hygiene

Meet your dentist regularly and get your teeth cleaned, before making the decision to quit. Shiny white teeth and a sparkling smile can keep you away from reaching out for cigarettes.

The investment made for a good clean-up can be a deterrent to smoking and rendering them untidy. Stained teeth and bad breath can turn off friends and relatives from you.

In addition to this mouth cancer is a dangerous ailment that entails smoking. Nicotine kills your taste buds making even delicious food tasteless. Smoking restrains you from tasting the goodies of nature.

Don’t let weight gain usurp your confidence; Revamp your diet

Usually, smokers hesitate to stop smoking altogether, since weight gain emerges as an undesirable consequence.

What actually happens is that, when one stops smoking, nicotine withdrawal enlivens taste buds and food starts tasting better.

To keep calorie intake at bay, design an interesting diet with loads of green vegetables, fruits and fibre. Maintaining your weight can be motivational during the quit-smoking phase.

Relationships blossom when you quit smoking.

Be it your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or kids; smoking puts you in their bad books. Smoking has a disastrous effect on personal and family finances.

This might lead to bickering and quarrels. Quitting smoking is the only way to win back their trust, faith and attention.

With regained relationships, it is possible to reach newer heights in career and relationships.

Don’t let your unborn baby bear the cross for your addiction

Pregnancy can be an indirect motivator for quitting smoking. Expecting mothers will take all possible steps to ensure a safe delivery.

Smoking by pregnant mothers can cause problems in delivery and in the health of the new born baby. Passive smoking by mothers is also undesirable.

A pregnant women can thus motivate not only herself but the entire family and even visitors to her home become non-smokers.

Stock-up your handbag on healthy chewable snacks

Many people find all their quit-smoking resolves crumble, the moment they step out of their homes. The situation becomes worse when nicotine cravings strike on-the-go.

Remember to clear your hand-bag of all cigarettes and lighters and fill them up with healthy chewable items like fruits, nuts, nicotine gums and sugar-free candy.

Manage the nicotine rush by ensuring a supply of these at your office cubicle as well. Buy packs of zip-lock covers in which you can carry healthy snacks.

Desert company of smokers before health deserts you

Mingle with friends who are non-smokers. The company of heavy smokers who may compel you to smoke must be avoided at any cost.

Peer pressure is allowable only when it leads to constructive things. Be firm in saying no to cigarettes, even if it means losing the company of smokers. A true friend will motivate you towards non-smoking and not towards smoking.

Count your savings

Stock on transparent jars and fill them with coins, instead of notes, equal to the amount saved on buying cigarettes.

See the jars fill and swell with pride and confidence on the milestones achieved. Place empty jars alongside representing your further targets and the urgency to achieve them.

Reward yourself on reaching milestones.

Weed out not only your garden but your addictions too

Gardening is a great hobby to keep body and mind occupied, especially during the nicotine withdrawal phase. Gardening is a productive hobby that improves hand to eye co-ordination.

Busy your hands with gardening sickles before they reach out for cigarettes. In addition to gardening, many productive hobbies such as drawing, meditation, walking, swimming and dancing can energize mind and body.

Help someone else get rid of smoking

This is one of the best motivational tips. Assume the role of an enabler who will help a buddy quit smoking. This will act as a self-motivator, since the chosen person will look up to you and follow you as a role model to quit smoking.

Make your non-smoking resolve public

Make use of social media and make your quit-smoking challenge public. This will act as a control tool whenever you plan to succumb to cravings.

Admitting failure is a challenge on self-pride and your mind will automatically prompt you away from temptations.

These motivational tips are not magic formulae to end smoking. They can prepare you for fighting nicotine addiction and help manage withdrawal symptoms.

They can deviate the mind from micro-managing the quit-smoking process and do something else that is productive.

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