Reasons Why Smoking Can Affect Your Libido or Even Cause Erectile Disfunction

Smoking either causes or raises the risk for countless physical ailments. Male sexual functioning is no exception to this rule.

This deadly habit is a critical health problem for men. Smoking cigarettes can influence all aspects of male sexual health from attraction and desire to sexual performance and more.

Let’s see how an entire gamut of behaviors and feelings from sexual desire to satisfaction are influenced by smoking.

Impact of Smoking on the Libido

Desire or the willingness to engage in sexual intercourse is defined as libido. Without the libido, the sex drive hits an all time low and males lose the interest to engage in acts of love-making.

A man’s satisfaction with his sexual performance both before and after the act hinges on the smoking habits.

Researchers used parameters of male sexual health such as satisfaction and desire to assess how they felt about their sexual performance.

Decreased desire or satisfaction rises from the impact of smoking on their physical functioning.

Once there are physical problems, the desire to engage in the sexual act lowers because of the difficulty to perform as well as what one would prefer or expect.

While performing the sexual act, maintaining the erection may be problematic for smokers. Changes in sexual performance on account of smoking can impact desire and satisfaction adversely.

Sapping Male Stamina

Sex is like intense cardio. Unfortunately, lack of stamina and endurance means you are likely to become breathless or lose consciousness after sex.

Apart from decreasing the blood flow to different parts of the body, smoking also decreases energy levels.

This is on account of falling oxygen levels in the bloodstream and to the muscles. Lungs are filled with toxins on account of smoking and carbon monoxide saps energy levels.

As time passes, lethargy rises and the action just does not feel right. This is a turning point for your sexual health. Stop smoking and notice how different the entire process can be for you.

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Intimacy Linked Issues

Smoking interferes with erectile functioning as it damages the muscles of the penis. Smoking can be the leading problem for intimacy within a relationship.

Rather than arguing about how a problem exists, cutting down on the cigarettes you smoke could well be the way out.

Smoking has a direct impact on man’s sexuality at every level. If cancer is not big enough a reason to get you to quit smoking, impotence might be.

Strained sexual relationships can be the outcome of habitually smoking cigarettes.

Smoking is a lethal habit and yet people do not kick the butt. Smoking becomes intertwined with the intimacy of a relationship.

Couples where one member of the relationship smokes often report difficulty in relating to each other. Smoking has a direct, negative effect on male sexuality at every level.

Men’s smoking even has a negative impact on the ability to conceive and sexual desire and satisfaction even for young men in their twenties and thirties.

Smokers in one study found it tough to have sex more than six times in a month, while non-smokers were having sex twice as much.

For couples actively trying to conceive, tobacco negatively impacts sexual performance. As a male ability to have sex decreases, the appetite for sex will follow thereafter.

Diminished desire combines with impaired performance to lower male sexuality.

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How Smoking Impairs Sexual Performance

Smoking damages smooth muscles within the male sexual organ, interfering with erectile functioning. Their libidos would suffer because smoking is an important factor in sexuality.

Media and advertising glamorize the smoking culture and the trouble is that cigarette smoking damages the sexual functioning of the body.

Smoking can impact sexual response adversely. Numerous medical researchers all over the world hold that make and female ejaculation time lowers among smokers.

Males also suffer premature ejaculation because of the weakening of the genital muscles. Female smokers can also experience a decrease in sexual arousal.

Men also lose interest in sex. Smoking affects testosterone levels in males and females both. This hormone stimulates muscle growth and prompts libido functioning. Cigarette smoking raises carbon monoxide levels which bring down the libido.

Additionally, in male, sexual arousal and blood flow to the genital region influences the erection or the hardening of the penis. But when smoking becomes rampant, rushed blood flow in the penis can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Nicotine also leads to arterial clogging with fatty acids restricting the flow of blood to genital regions. This results in improper lubrication of the female vulva region making sexual intercourse extremely difficult.

Habitual smokers or chain smokers have trouble sustaining sexual performance because the lungs are exhausted and cannot inhale and exhale at fast rates.

Additionally, muscles of the genital and groin weaken and cannot remain stretched for long because there are circulation problems.This can impact the health and well-being too.

So while your sex life is not spared, neither is longevity.  Smoking affects every system of the body including sexual functioning.

Erection in men needs a healthy heart, blood vessels, and excellent blood flow. The next time you light up, also consider that smoking lowers the sperm count, increasing the percentage of deformed sperms and causing genetic sperm damage.

Smoking also reduces male sperm concentration by as much as 23% and this hurts the capacity of the sperm to fertilize an egg, impacting motility adversely.

Smoking releases cadmium which also comes In the way of zinc metabolization in the body and lower testosterone levels. Smoking also causes DNA fragmentation in the male sperm.

Impotence Through Cigarette Smoke

Scientific studies demonstrate that males who smoke more than 20 cigarettes in a day have a 60% higher risk of erectile dysfunction as against peers who do not smoke.

20 cigarettes per day are around a single pack in a day. Smoking damages blood vessels leading to erectile dysfunction. Smoking also damages penile tissues impacting the ability of men to function normally.

Damaging the smooth muscles within the male genital area, smoking causes damage to blood vessels and penile tissue. If men smoke, they harm their health in diverse ways.

Giving up lifestyle habits such as excessive smoking is essential for getting and maintaining a hard erection as a result of strong penile blood flow.

Nicotine is a chemical that narrows the vasoconstrictor and restricts the circulation. Smoking the cigarettes damages arteries across time, reducing blood flow thereby impacting erections adversely.

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How Does Smoking Affect Sperm Quality and Semen

Research on male smoking has revealed a decrease in semen quality as a result of smoking.

This means that male smoking can negatively impact your chances of conceiving and impact your family planning. Sperm concentration is the number of sperm found in measured semen quantity.

This leads to a decrease in sperm concentration in those who smoke.

Sperm motility is also impacted. This refers to the capacity of the sperm to swim, reach the egg and fertilize it. Researchers found a 13 percent decrease in sperm motility in those who smoke.

Sperm morphology is the shape of the sperm. Oddly shaped sperms which have DNA damage cannot swim well enough to reach the egg or fertilize it. Male smokers have been found by researchers to have few healthy shaped sperms as opposed to non-smokers.

Some studies have found sperm of smokers have more DNA fragmentation. DNA damaged sperm is associated with issues pertaining to fertilization, embryo implantation, and embryo development as well as increased miscarriage rates.

Abnormal hormone levels can impact fertility. The decrease in hormone levels and sperm health can exacerbate infertility in men.

Further, men on the borderline of infertility, smoking may push them over the edge. Quitting smoking to improve the fertility may be enough. Fertility treatment may not be required.

On the other hand, paternal smoking impacts the health of children. Paternal smoking can lead to birth defects and increased risk of cancer in children as well.  Another factor to consider is the impact of smoking on the female partner.

Studies have shown a possible decrease in female fertility following an exposure to secondhand smoke. A study found that secondhand or passive smoking reduces the number of eggs retrieved in the in vitro fertilization cycle by 46 percent.

Smoking also changes the epigenetic profile of the sperm. This refers to testing for male infertility on the DNA level.

Epigenetic is an additional data revealing how DNA responds to the environment. Epigenetic molecules influence the way hens are turned on or off. This is the mechanism which controls gene expression and how cells develop into the muscle cell, WBC, brain cell etc.

Methylation and acetylation are epigenetic that occur in the body each day and when these processes are altered, this can impact genetic expression. Genes involved in fertility, therefore, may be switched off due to smoking.

NIH studies have found smokers had methylation changes impacting 7,000 or one-third of all human genome in the human body. Many of these genes are linked to sexuality and fertility.

Numerous studies show the link between epigenetic alterations in sperm and infertility. From the way DNA is read to the manner in which traits are expressed, smoking can change inherited fertility levels as well.

This points to the risk you face while smoking on a constant basis. Quit now and do your family a favor. Male incentives to quit smoking are many, but the loss of male sexual performance raises the stakes further.

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