What is Smoker’s Cough and How to Get Relief from It?

As the name suggests, Smoker’s Cough is consistent coughing by a smoker. Cigarette smoke irritates the respiratory tract and lung because of the toxins in cigarette. Coughing is a protective  reaction of the body to wipe out the toxin. This cough may be dry and irritating. But, the coughing stops shortly  after the smoke has been driven away from the lung by coughing.

.On the other hand, Smoker’s cough is caused due to long-term smoking. It damages the protective cilia of the respiratory tract. Cilia is a hairy structure  which sweeps away the toxins and harmful substances like dust, viruses and bacteria, out of the lung. But if damaged, cilia is disabled to perform this ‘scavenging’ function. As a result, mixed with these substance,s mucus is built up in the respiratory tract. The body tries to clear the mucus by coughing, which is termed as ‘ Smoker’s Cough’.

Causes and Consequences of Smoker’s Cough

Due to the buildup of viruses and bacteria in the respiratory track, long-term smoking may lead to pneumonia and acute bronchitis which is a recurring and progressive inflammation of the lungs. This is due to the long-term smoking. Phlegm with color such as white, yellow-green or blood-tinged is formed. Chronic Bronchitis produces larger amount of mucus which can block airways and cause smoker’s cough.

How to Get Relief

Coughing is a normal bodily reaction to clear off the undesirable materials. Hence don’t try to suppress it by taking cough-suppressing medications. The best way of getting relief from Smoker’s club is to quit smoking. However, the following are the ways by which you can make your body heal up more effectively and provide you partial relief from the irritation, thus stopping the Smoker’s Cough, temporarily. If not checked, Smoker’s Cough may lead to Emphysema, which is a chronic form of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

  1. Drink Enough Water.

Drink six to eight glasses of water, daily, because it thins out the mucus in your lungs and throat. Your irritated throat can also get some relief by gargling warm saline water.

  1. Take Honey

Add few drops of honey to the cup of your tea or directly take one teaspoonful of honey. This will soothe your throat with a sweetly affect.

  1. Suck Throat Lozenges

Try out sucking some throat lozenges, available over the counter or you may go in for hard lozenges or Vitamin C Lozenges.

  1. Eucalyptus Vapor in Your Room

Put some eucalyptus capsules in steaming water and putting a towel or cloth on on your head, covering the bowl of steaming water can provide you with immediate relief. Alternatively, you can  put a humidifier in your room with liquid, based on eucalyptus. The minty vapor in your room can provide you longer relief.

  1. Sleep with Slightly Elevated Head

This will minimize the drainage of mucus to your throat that is the root of your coughing.

  1. Eat Healthy and Exercise

If you eat healthy and exercise, it will add to your general health condition that will add in reducing your Smoker’s Cough

  1. Licorice Root Extract

This expectorant soothes your cough and breaks and gets you rid of phlegm.


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