Top Quit Smoking Apps You Should Use

With tobacco-induced ailments and fatalities hitting the roof in the past few decades, it has become an all-imperative move by smokers of the world to take to various methods to quit smoking forever.

Information Technology lends a helping hand and the world of internet offers a multitude of safe-to-use, result-yielding smart apps to facilitate your strong decision to call it quits.

Some of the trending Quit Smoking Apps, their effectiveness and pitfalls, if any have been discussed.

#1: Quit Now

This is a powerful and high quality app that comes to the rescue of smokaholics reeling under the emotional stress of withdrawal symptoms. The main highlights of well-organized app include:

  • Interactive chat facility with like-minded community of people, desirous to quit smoking or have successfully quit and can discuss common challenges met etc.
  • Accurate information on money saved due to your welcome decision to quit smoking. This serves as a great motivating in the ensuing months.
  • You can share your achievement of non smoking to the world of quitters.
  • The app uses indicators and information from World Health Organization so that your move to quit is under professional surveillance. Results are conveyed in a tailor-made dash board with specific health information like carbon monoxide level s, blood pressure and nicotine content in bloodstream.
  • It is easy to purchase on your Google Play Store or on the App Store and can be easily integrated in your Android device.

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#2 Kick smoking

The product is powered by Microsoft and can be seamlessly integrated with your Windows Phone. The app is designed to help die-hard smokers to kick away their life-long addiction and welcome a smoke-free life:

  • The intelligent craving timer enables you to be prepared in advance before the pangs strike.
  • Every time you proudly conquer a new milestone in abstinence, push notifications keep you aware of your feat and this serves as a motivator.
  • Health benefits are conveyed to the user in an accurate timeline, with details of number of cigarettes dodged or quit. The surface key metrics are constantly updated.
  • In terms of quantity, health, cost and time, the benefits of resistance and abstinence are flashed on a dashboard, so that the decision to quit is rendered, evidence based support.

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#3 Stop Smoking

This app facilitates smoking cessation by providing guided meditation sessions.

This app is grounded on the theory of mindfulness and has been propounded by Dr. Judson Brewer, formerly associated with Yale Therapeutic Neuroscience Clinic.

  • The app can be downloaded on iphone or ipad and is easy to use, with step-by-step instructions.
  • The self-directed program on how mindfulness can lead one to gain control.
  • The user can connect to social media and can access FaceBook or Twitter to share experiences with the successful online community of quitters.

# 4 Butt Out

This simple app works a productive way to curb your urge for cigarettes by giving a sense of how much money is saved, if one chooses not to smoke, even for a day.

The app also reflects on various on other facts and figures that are readily available on the screen of your smart phone. Real time health stats and community support enable a faster and smarter way to a smoke-free life.

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