Top Quit Smoking forums and How They Help People Deal with Tobacco addiction

Quit smoking forums help smokers adopt a smoke free life by offering professional and humanistic assistance.

They improve awareness in the society regarding the preventable deaths caused due to dependence on tobacco and also expose the long-term health consequences upon the individual, his family and the society in general.

Smoking forums approach the problem in a gentle way, without getting into the lecture-mode that can produce only negative results, but adopt strategic and behavioural techniques.

The role of quit smoking problems has been lauded by philanthropic and global health organizations in creating a tobacco free world in the near future.

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Why adopts as its mission, the intricate process of changing life-time misconceptions of people with regards to nicotine, nicotine addiction and smoking cessation methods.

Founded by John. R. Polito in 1999, the forum draws its core from the personal experiences of its founder, in his crusade against smoking.

  • This forum educates people on abrupt nicotine cessation, in other words, quitting cold turkey.
  • It believes that human intelligence is more powerful than nicotine addiction and with the right quantum of grit, determination and perseverance it is possible to for brain to exercise total control over the body.
  • Another visionary whose experience has enriched the forum is Joel Spitzer, who is the Director of Chicago nicotine dependency prevention and cessation counselling. Joel’s Library features an assortment of his cessation articles.
  • An education message board called Freedom is in operation, which acts as a recovery tool from hard core nicotine addiction.
  • A Face book group called Turkeyville has been formed, whereby the forum harnesses social media and beckons to all its followers to quit smoking cold turkey.

Just Quit

Just Quit is a highly interactive internet forum for quitting smoking, with strong presence on Face book, Twitter and Pinterest. It offers comprehensive information on

  • Withdrawal symptoms, their reasons, duration, intensity and tips to win over them , without pain or discomfort.
  • Sharing the experiences of fellow quitters, so that a person reeling under the stress of symptoms is not left at lurch and has a whole community that can embrace him with passion.
  • A host of multi-media tools like videos, blogs, songs and articles that can serve as tools of inspiration and motivation for quitters.
  • An online reception and waiting room facility for users to share stories, information, ask queries, resolve the problems of others etc.
  • An online lounge for sharing healthy diet recipes, jokes and games. There is a step-by-step and time bound plan called Journey to Freedom where subscribers can personalize their quitting plan.

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This is a non-profit fellowship program which involves 12 step approach to abstinence. Better known by the acronym NicA, the forum offers collective support and recovery programs for those fighting against nicotine addiction.

It offers free membership to smokers worldwide, desirous of stepping out of this baneful addiction.

  • Committee members render philanthropic service in terms of counselling, creative writing, compiling and publishing stories, telephonic assistance and in translation.
  • NicA meetings are organized regularly to inform, educate and transform. Face to face meetings, group meetings, internet as well as telephonic meetings are available.
  • Through its newsletters titled “Seven Minutes” and various other publications, the global smoking and non-smoking communities are influenced positively.
  • A step-by-step workbook is available for use by prospective quitters in designing their own quit-smoking plan.
  • By engaging in vigorous public outreach activities, awareness among the general public is enhanced by way of TV and radio campaigns, flyers, mass mailing letters and social media reach out.

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Become an Ex

Stop smoking and start living is the motto of this forum that aspires to turn every smoker to an ex-smoker.

It is an interactive forum where heavy smokers, occasional smokers, new smokers as well as ex-smokers and non-smokers can join hands in accepting the challenge to create a nicotine free ecosystem.

The forum has been developed in collaboration with the renowned Mayo Clinic, which has made thousands of smokers quit smoking. Following are some of the highlights of this forum.

  • Smokers are urged to take a daily pledge, which may be a simple, doable promise to set small but steady milestones in the quit smoking journey.
  • Interactive chatting with the global community, in quitting and in helping others to quit.
  • Posting experiences on blog, getting public support in getting queries resolved, bonding together in giving constructive feedback on fellow writers.
  • The All Aboard the Freedom Train is a simple celebration of those who have reached an eventful milestone in their quit smoking journey. Quitters are lauded for their achievements and are prompted to keep up the same tempo during the ensuing years.
  • The Ex-cafe is a place where successful ex-smokers meet, share experiences, explore new topics or simply hand around and relax. Such initiatives in togetherness go a long way in establishing a no-tobacco culture.

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The Stop Smoking Center

The forum includes a number of events, awareness campaigns, daily pledges, chatting sessions and many informative modules where smokers can assess their addiction, educate themselves and design their own smoking cessation plan for all three groups of smokers identified by the SSC.

The emergency coping plan is a boon for people who dread quit-smoking initiatives due to the profound fear of withdrawal symptoms. In addition to quitting smoking, the stress here is on bringing about a holistic behavioural change that can transform minds for the better.

A diary of cravings and a tracker for withdrawal symptoms are some of the supportive tools available for quitting smoking.

The important challenge that lies ahead in front of these forums is not that of merely educating smokers on health hazards, but in moving them towards abstinence strengthened by resilience and determination.

Quitters must be protected from relapse which can lead to worst consequences. They must be recognized for their achievements and must be made to feel part of the glorious network of non-smoking community.

Quitters must become role models for the younger generation, in putting an end to adolescent smoking and second hand smoking.

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